Larceny Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon (750ml)

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Larceny Bourbon is an homage to John E Fitzgerald. In the press release, they describe a semi-mythical story of Fitzgerald pilfering bourbon from the storehouse of Julian Van Winkle as a treasury agent, who was so discriminating in his selection that those particular barrels became known as Fitzgerald Barrels. Hence the tagline:

“A taste made famous by an infamous act.” It is considered a “wheated bourbon,” where more wheat is used to balance out the corn rather than rye or other grains. We take this to mean a smoother, milder flavor profile (Maker’s Mark is the more famous wheated bourbon). It is blended from a selection of bourbons aged between 6 and 12 years (though the bottle carries no age statement). The brand is produced and owned by Heaven Hill Distilleries.
In discussing the bourbon shortage of 2013, Anthony Dias Blue suggested Larceny as a replacement for Pappy Van Winkle calling it a “smooth, sweeet bourbon with those patented caramel and vanilla notes and a mid-palate of praline and toasted marshmallow” (Tasting Panel Magazine, July, 2013).

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